Don’t believe everything you think2021-02-11T18:11:57+00:00
Grey sisters 42cm x 59cm2020-12-05T23:29:12+00:00
Maniac is I 42cm x 59.5cm2020-12-05T23:32:55+00:00
Mother 59.5cm x 84cm2020-12-05T23:35:16+00:00
Spider Woman2020-12-06T00:44:56+00:00
Louise 38cm x 56cm2020-12-06T00:45:04+00:00
The entrance is also the exit 38cm x 56cm2020-12-06T00:45:10+00:00
Woman weaver 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:47:23+00:00
There is always a reason 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:47:39+00:00
Where do we belong 59cm x 42cm2020-12-06T00:27:54+00:00
It shouldn’t hurt so much to be your angel 40.5cm x 50.5cm2020-12-06T00:29:31+00:00
Baba 40cm x 50cm2020-12-06T00:30:26+00:00
I have no more to give 40.5cm x 50.5cm2020-12-06T00:31:19+00:00
Are we really this far 75cm x 105cm2020-12-06T00:55:40+00:00
Walking home 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:56:27+00:00
Lurking Inside you is another You 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:57:12+00:00
Belonging to nowhere 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:59:05+00:00
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