Red baloon2021-02-11T18:03:56+00:00
We can’t breath 42cm x 59.5cm2021-02-11T19:04:37+00:00
Freefall 40.5cm x 41cm2020-12-05T23:24:29+00:00
Falling in between 50cm x 70cm2020-12-06T00:45:39+00:00
Vengeance 42cm x 59cm2022-05-30T20:11:58+00:00
The good day 50cm x 70cm2022-05-30T20:12:45+00:00
Sisterhood 36cm x 56cm2020-12-06T00:46:15+00:00
First day of lockdown 42cm x 59cm2020-12-06T00:46:21+00:00
She used to dance a lot 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-05T22:36:11+00:00
Wild soul 38cm x 55.5cm2020-12-06T00:48:41+00:00
Restless dancer 60cm x 84cm2020-12-06T00:28:31+00:00
Maybe you have been living lonely 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T00:39:48+00:00
All you need is… her 38cm x 56cm2020-12-06T00:40:34+00:00
There is no rainbow without the rain 28cm x 37.5cm2020-12-06T00:41:40+00:00
Give me more 28cm x 37.5cm2020-12-06T00:52:29+00:00
Pull and push 36cm x 56cm2020-12-06T00:53:36+00:00
When pain becomes desire 75cm x 105cm2020-12-06T00:54:39+00:00
Master And It’s Ego 4 40.5cm x 41cm2020-12-06T01:00:53+00:00
Master and it’s ego 3 40.5cm x 41cm2020-12-06T01:01:44+00:00
Master and it’s ego 2 40.5cm x 41cm2020-12-06T01:02:34+00:00
Master and it’s ego 1 40.5cm x 41cm2020-12-06T01:03:33+00:00
You can’t come in 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T01:05:05+00:00
You are not welcome here anymore 29.5cm x 40cm2020-12-06T01:05:59+00:00


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